Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from life coaching for mothers, and what outcomes can I expect at the end of the coaching session?

My coaching for mothers focuses on helping you cultivate the mindset and habits necessary for a healthier life. By the end of our sessions, you can expect to achieve your specific goals tailored to your needs, along with developing the mindset and healthy habits required to reach them. With my holistic approach drawing from medicine and counseling, I provide guidance, motivation, and proven strategies for transformative outcomes. Your commitment and active participation are key to our journey toward positive change. I look forward to partnering with you on this empowering path.

What can I expect during my first free coaching session?

Your first free coaching session is a friendly meet and greet where we get to know each other. It's an opportunity to explore if we're the right fit for your transformative journey. There's no obligation to sign up for my coaching program during this session. Let's connect and see if we resonate. I look forward to the possibility of working together to help you thrive.

What are the products and services you in your coaching?

I offer personalized one-on-one coaching sessions for mothers over 3-6 months, as well as flexible per hour coaching services. Additionally, I conduct transformative group coaching sessions for a collaborative six-week program. These services are designed to support your journey towards a healthier and happier life. Feel free to reach out for more information or to explore these options further. I look forward to working together to help you thrive.

How long does it typically take to see results from life coaching for mothers?

Although some of my clients experience results after the first session, others may see progress after a few weeks or even a month. The timeline for results truly depends on the effort and dedication you put into the process. In most cases, moms tend to experience significant results or find inspiration after about two weeks of coaching with me. It's important to note that every mom's needs and circumstances are unique, and the pace of progress can vary accordingly.

What other products and services do you have?

I offer keynote speaking for women's conferences and workshops for various groups, including young people. I am flexible in my approach and can tailor my presentations to suit the specific needs of the audience. Topics include intentional living, parenting, budgeting, cultivating a healthy mindset, and more. Connect with me on social media for daily inspiration. Interested in booking me or staying connected? Reach out to inspire and empower your audience!

What are your credentials and what sets you apart as a mom coach?

As a mother myself, I lead by example and embody the principles I teach. With a background as a physician, I bring a unique perspective to coaching. Additionally, my experience in counseling, particularly in action planning and crisis intervention on suicide hotlines, has equipped me with valuable skills in supporting individuals during challenging times. I take a holistic approach to coaching, offering tailored support based on each client's needs. I meet clients where they are, motivating them to push forward and holding them accountable to overcome barriers.

How much is the cost of your coaching program?

The cost of my coaching program varies based on the services offered. I prioritize my client's needs and offer flexible payment options. If you're not satisfied within 30 days, I provide a money-back guarantee to ensure your investment adds value to your life.